Catalyst Trusteeship Ltd.
DSKDL - Settlement Claims
Enter a valid PAN of Investor.
Enter a valid PAN of Investor

Process to be Followed for submission of claim:

Enter “PAN of 1st Debenture Holder” – Click on Submit Button – Click on “New” under Claim – fill and upload all the data/documents – Click on Submit Button.

Upon successful submission of details, you will get “Claim ID” which can be used for future reference.

Before proceeding with the claim submission, kindly ensure you have the following documents readily available:

  1. Copy of PAN (Permanent Account Number)
  2. Copy of Debenture Certificate
  3. Copy of Client Master Report (CMR) providing details of your Demat account. (Name and sequence of holders appearing in Demat Account shall be same as per physical debentures certificate you hold)
  4. Copy of Bank Details (if the amount has not been transferred)

Please note the following: